There are a lot of unique terms and phrases used by military folks and bikers. Here is a comprehensive list of those terms:

ABOARD: on base; with us.

ACTUAL: radio talk for unit commander.

ALL HANDS: everyone.

AMA (motorcycle culture): American Motorcyclist Association

AMTRACK: amphibious tractor; landing craft.

AS YOU WERE!: resume what you were doing; correction.

ASSHOLES AND ELBOWS: in a hurry; quickly.

BACKYARD (motorcycle culture): n. Where you and/or your club ride often.

BAM: Broad Ass Marine; derogatory name for Woman Marine.

BARRACKS COVER: garrison (frame) cap.

BATTLE PIN: necktie clip.

BCD: Bad Conduct Discharge.

BELAY: stop; quit.

BILLET: assignment or job; place of residence.

BIRD: aircraft.

BLOUSE: n. jacket; v. tuck in, secure.

BLUES: Dress Blues.

BONEYARD (motorcycle culture): Salvage yard for used bikes & parts.

BOONDOCKS (BOONIES): rugged isolated back country.

BOOT: recruit.

BOO-COO: (Fr. beaucoup) much, many.

BRAIN BUCKET (motorcycle): Small, beanie-style helmet (usually not DOT approved).

BRAIN HOUSING GROUP: your gourd, mind, brain, or head.

BRASS: officers.

BRIG: jail.

BRIG RAT: jail inmate.

BRIG CHASER: MP assigned to escort prisoners.


BY-THE-NUMBERS: in sequence.

CAGE (motorcycle): Automobile, Truck, Van. Not a motorcycle.

CAGER (motorcycle): Automobile Driver.

CAGING IT (motorcycle): Taking a car or truck, usually due to weather conditions or medical reasons.

CANNON COCKERS: artillerymen.

CARRY ON!: resume what you were doing; as you were.

CASUAL COMPANY: unit of Marines awaiting reassignment.

CC: Corrective Custody; jail, the brig.

CHUCK: black Marine’s term for white Marine.

CHURCH (motorcycle): n. Clubhouse.

CG: Commanding General.

CHIT: written authorization or receipt.

CHOW: food.

CHOW HALL: mess hall.

CLICK: one notch of adjustment on a rifle.

CINDERELLA LIBERTY: time off which ends at midnight.

COLORS (military): n. the flag; v. ceremony of raising or lowering the flag.
COLORS (motorcycle culture): n. Colors are the insignia, or “patches”, worn by motorcycle club members on either a denim or leather vest (aka. a cut).

CORPSMAN: Navy medic serving with Marines.

COVER: hat.

COVER ASS: take precautions to avoid blame.

THE CROTCH: derogatory term for Marine Corps.

CROTCH ROCKET (motorcycle): n. Sport bike. Not acceptable for membership in the Leathernecks Nation MC.

CUT (motorcycle culture): n. Vest worn by biker clubs, displays their colors (patches/insignias), rank, roadname, and other items. The cut is to be honored and treated with the utmost respect. It remains with the patched member at all times, and should be protected from theft.

DECK: floor.

DIDDY BAG: cloth, drawstring bag for small items.

DILLIGAF (motorcycle): “Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?”

DOG-AND-PONY-SHOW: special presentation put on for visiting dignitaries.

DOT (motorcycle): Department of Transportation.

DOUBLE TIME: quickly; at a run.

DRY RUN: practice.

EIGHTH & EYE: Headquarters Marine Corps.

ENTRENCHING TOOL (E-TOOL): small folding field shovel.

EVERY SWINGING DICK: All hands, everyone.

EYE FUCK: scrutinize; inspect closely.

FARTSACK: mattress cover.

FIELD DAY: general cleanup of barracks.

FIELD STRIP: disassemble; take apart.

FIRE IN THE HOLE!: warning that explosives are about to be detonated.

FMF: Fleet Marine Force.

GALLEY: kitchen.

GANG WAY!: stand back! move away!

GEDUNK: sweets or a store that sells sweets.

GREEN SIDE-OUT: woodland pattern camouflage.

GRAB A HAT: leave.

GRINDER: parade ground.

GUIDON: pennant bearing unit designation.

GUNG HO: lit. work together; (from Chinese) highly motivated.

GUNGY: gung ho.

GUNNY: Gunnery Sergeant.

GRABASS (ORGANIZED GRABASS): play; sports, frivolous activity.

GREEN MACHINE: Marine Corps.

HAM: Hairy Assed Marine; male Marine.

HANG-AROUND (motorcycle culture): n. Person seeking to become a Prospect in a motorcycle club. During this phase, the hang-around and/or the club can decide at any time to part ways. No harm, no foul. This is a period of time for the hang-around and the club to get to know each other a little more before the more serious commitment of Prospecting begins.

HATCH: door.

HARD CHARGER: motivated Marine.

HEAD: toilet.

HIGH-AND-TIGHT: standard Marine haircut; shaved sides and short on top.

HOG (motorcycle): Harley Owners Group.

HOLLYWOOD MARINE: San Diego MCRD graduate.

HOOCH (Jap.): any kind of shelter, residence.

HONCHO (Jap.): boss; man in charge.

HUMP: to march; to carry; to be burdened with.

INCOMING!: hostile fire being received!

INDEPENDENT (motorcycle): Someone who is not affiliated with a club or group, but is still associated with the biker culture.

INK (motorcycle): Tattoos.

IRISH PENNANT: string dangling from clothing indicating unkempt appearance.

JARHEAD: Marine.

JIBS: teeth, esp. front incisors, e.g., “I’ll bust your jibs.”

K-BAR: Marine-issue fighting knife.

KLICK: kilometer.

LADDER (or ladderway): stairs.

LEAVE: authorized absence of more than 24 hours.

LEO (motorcycle): Law Enforcement Officer/Official.

LFFL (motorcycle): Leathernecks Forever, Forever Leathernecks.

LIBERTY: authorized absence of less than 24 hours.

LOCK AND LOAD: arm and ready your weapon; get ready!

LNMC (motorcycle): Acronym for Leathernecks Nation Motorcycle Club.

M/C (motorcycle): Motorcycle Club.

M/C cube (motorcycle): Term used to describe the “MC” that appears on the back of a cut. 

MAKE A HOLE!: stand back! gang way!

MOS: assigned job specialty.

MUSTANG (Mustanger): enlisted man who becomes an officer.

NATION (motorcycle): Term used to describe the collective body of the Leathernecks Nation Motorcycle Club. 

OFFICE POGUE: desk-bound Marine.

PISS CUTTER: envelope-shaped overseas cap.

P (motorcycle): Abbreviation for “President”.

POGUE: lazy individual, also office worker.

POGEY BAIT: candy, sweets.

POLICE CALL: time allocated to clean up an area.

POLICE UP: clean up.

POOP (also dope, scoop): information.

PROSPECT (motorcycle culture): n. Formal period of time when a prospective member of a club earns his membership and the right to wear the club colors.  To become a full member, the prospect or probate must be voted on by the rest of the full club members. Successful admission usually requires more than a simple majority. A formal induction follows, in which the new member affirms his loyalty to the club and its members. The final logo patch is then awarded. Full members are often referred to as “full patch members” or “patchholders” and the step of attaining full membership can be referred to as “being patched”.

PUCKER (or pucker factor; motorcycle): Refers to how tight your ass hole got on a close call.

PT: Physical Training; exercise.

QUARTERS: living space.

R/C (motorcycle): Riding Club.

RAGS (motorcycle): Also used to refer to a “Cut” or “Colors”.

RACK: bed, bunk.

RAPPEL: descend from cliff or helicopter by rope.

RECON (also Force Recon): Force Reconnaissance Marine.

“RICO” (motorcycle): (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations)  Laws passed for Law Enforcement to combat organized crime such as the mafia that are also used against some MC clubs.

RIDING BITCH (motorcycle): Riding as a passenger.

ROAD NAME (motorcycle): Member’s name, or handle. Name is usually given to someone by his brothers/friends.

ROCKER (motorcycle): Part of M/C colors which usually designates geographic location or territory.

ROMP ‘N’ STOMP: to drill, march.

ROUND: bullet or artillery or mortar shell.

RUBBER SIDE DOWN (motorcycle): Ride safe; don’t lay the bike down.

SALT: experience; an old-timer Marine.

SALTY: smart-mouthed; opinionated.

SCOOT (motorcycle): Motorcycle.

SCUTTLEBUTT: rumors; a drinking fountain.

SEABAG: duffle bag.

SEA STORY: a lie or an exaggeration.

SEA LAWYER: self-appointed expert.

SECURE: tie down or make fast; also to recycle or dispose of;
to put something in its proper place; to desist.

SHIT BIRD: messy or undisciplined; a fuck up.

SHIT CAN: (v) to dispose of; (n) garbage can.

SHORT: nearing the end of a tour of duty or enlistment.

SHORT ROUND: ordnance which is landing short of the intended target.

SHORT TIME: a very brief love affair.

SHORTTIMER: Marine nearing the end of an enlistment period.

SICK BAY: clinic or hospital.

SKIPPER: captain; commanding officer.

SKIVVIES: underwear.

SLOPCHUTE: diner; restaurant.

SMOKING LAMP: authority to smoke when it is lit.

SNOOPIN’ AND POOPIN’: reconnoitering.


SOUND OFF!: assertively voice.

SQUAD BAY: barracks.

SQUARED AWAY: neat, orderly, organized.

SQUID: (derog.) sailor.

STACK ARMS!: command given to place 3 rifles in a pyramid.

STAND BY!: prepare.

STANDBY: waiting status.

STROKE BOOK: porno magazine.

SURVEY: dispose of; recycle.

SWAB: mop.

SWABBIE: sailor.

TAILGUNNER (motorcycle): The last rider in a group.

TOP: Sergeant Major.

TOPSIDE: upstairs; on deck.

TURN TO: begin work.

WRENCH (motorcycle): Mechanic.

UA: Unauthorized Absence.

UD: Undesireable Discharge.

UTILITIES: olive drab field uniform.

VEEP (motorcycle): Abbreviation for “Vice President”.

THE WORD: confirmed official information; the straight scoop.

ZERO-DARK-THIRTY: pre-dawn; early.


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